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Interface research, design and coding for productivity enhancing web application software

Client Service Leads

Building on a multi-year relationship with Service Leads we were asked to do the research, design and interface coding for version 2 of their leads processing system.

research, design, coding

We followed out usual process of research, design and coding. It's a lot services but this is exactly what we do.

  • identifying the business needs and the stakeholders
  • figuring out the necessary features
  • sketching interface and interaction possibilites
  • visualizing the system
  • coding the front end
  • connecting everything to the backend database.

On this page you can see screen shots from the system including the main list of leads and the primary leads processing interface designed for phone based real-time interaction with clients.


• below
Detail of a leads processing workflow research sketch.

workflow research sketch of lead flow

detail of the main lead display interface design
screen shot of the design of the main lead processing interface
default look and feel of the interface
customized look and feel of the interface

• above left
Detail of the primary lead list.

• above right
Primary lead list with a custom look and feel.